Ruth Anne Godfrey

Ruth Anne Godfrey is a clarinet and bass clarinet player, based in the Netherlands but originally from the UK. In 2004 she started her Bachelor Degree at Leeds College of Music in Jazz studies which she finished in 2007 with a Red Prince prize for her final performance. Between 2004 and 2009 she worked as a musician in the Yorkshire area was active in a number of projects, such as the Sleaze Orchestra, LIMA and Swinepipe.

In 2009 she crossed the North Sea to Rotterdam to start her Mmus in World music at Rotterdam Conservatoire, specialising in using Hindustani techniques in her improvisation and compositions. Now Ruth Anne is creating her own unique style on the clarinet and bass clarinet. Through the study of Hindustani music and Western contemporary improvisation and composition she is able to bring a different approach to the sound of her instrument.

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